Instagram makes it even more easier to ask questions from followers

The Stories on Instagram continue to become increasingly popular, being one of the most cherished features of the social network. Now, this section is back to receiving a new addition, which is sure to please the many millions of users. After having introduced the polls (or questionnaires) a few years ago, this functionality finally receives a much-deserved update.

From now on, users will be able to place multiple polls on their followers. Until now, this was not possible, being limited to questions with two possible answers. As with the polls available so far, the new implementation also comes in the form of a new sticker.

According to the social networking publication on its official Twitter account, this new sticker is now available to all users. So if you had not noticed your arrival, you can go try it now!

How to use the new sticker on Instagram

To try the new sticker with multiple choice questions is very easy. You need to open the list of stickers through the button at the top of the screen and look for the new “quiz” option. Once you’ve selected this new sticker, you’ll be able to write the question you want to put to your followers, followed by various response options.

Stories continue to be the main focus of Instagram

Instagram has shown incredible growth over the last few years, achieving even more prominence than Facebook itself. Much of this success is due to its ability to captivate younger age groups more successfully. Currently, youngsters have a strong preference for the features offered by Stories. Therefore, it is not with great surprise that these remain the main focus for the social network.

Several new features have been added to the Stories over the past few months. In addition to arriving with the aim of improving the entire experience of use, they also have the clear objective of keeping their only rival (Snapchat) out of the race.

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