Microsoft: Know everything about new AI feature in Word Online

Microsoft has just revealed a new feature for the Online version of Word, which should use Artificial Intelligence to better the user’s writing style and grammar!

The new AI feature of Microsoft Word is called ‘Ideas’ and will use machine learning and natural language processing, to improve reading of documents

CEO Satya Nadella revealed the ‘Ideas’ during Keynote on the first day of the ‘Microsoft Build’ programmers event. That said, the tool not only recommends rewriting certain phrases, to improve the clarity of the text, but also will offer synonyms, and equivalent phrases. (All to improve clarity and productivity).

After all, the functionality makes an estimate of the reading time of the document! And he insists on highlighting the key themes of the text so that they can be seen in the reader’s eyes.

Later, the ‘Ideas’ also brings the ‘Word Designer’, which curiously reminds the ‘old’ WordArt, which will serve to make the whole document more professional and appealing to the eyes of the reader. (Including tables)

In short, if you already use Grammarly, you are already accustomed to some of the new functions of Word. The difference here is that instead of being a paid ‘Add-On’, ‘Ideas’ is part of the Office program itself.

Therefore, Office 365 users can use a ‘Preview’ version of Ideas as early as June! Reaching all Word users by the end of the year 2019.

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