Microsoft: Windows 10 will have a completely renewed command Terminal!

The Windows command Terminal has not undergone major changes throughout its existence. One of the main reasons is because it was never really needed. In fact and although not the most attractive feature of the operating system, it is functional and meets the needs of advanced users. However, Microsoft wants to lay their hands on you and make some changes. At the annual Build conference, the Redmond giant announced that Windows 10 will soon receive Windows Terminal.

New command terminal bets on features

Windows Terminal will be a modernized command line that includes the PowerShell and command line features. That is, apparently the old command line will not disappear from Windows. The operating system you will have is a more powerful alternative for anyone who wants to use it.

But what do we need it for? 

Microsoft promises that the new Windows Terminal will have many improvements. The biggest is undoubtedly the feature of multi-tabs. That said, the terminal will allow you to open several tabs in the application, and each one may be using different commands.

In addition, the terminal also supports accelerated text rendering by the graphics card. This makes it possible to use icons and emoji. In addition, we will be able to change the theme, color, font style, and even the background.

Although it has not yet reached Windows it is possible to test the new terminal. This tool is totally open-source and as such we can download and run without problems. It is available here.

However, if you want to wait, the initial versions of the Terminal will start automatically arriving in the Windows Store this summer.

If, in fact, this new app is implemented without removing the old command line is undoubted a plus. It gives you the power to choose, ensuring more functionality for those who really need it.

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