Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

Microsoft proposed a change in the color scheme and size of tips box in the browser Edge. The goal is to optimize the tool to make it more visible and accessible, and for this, the company is implementing a technology already available in Windows 10 called the Aura Tooltips.

Microsoft commented that “the Windows native tips box does not support the night theme and has some accessibility issues with the text scale settings, so using the Aura Tooltips we can solve these two problems together.” The change can be seen in the image below:

Microsoft proposes optimization in night mode of Chromium project

(Source: Reddit/Reproduction)

More visibility

According to Microsoft, this way Windows can use Aura to increase the maximum box width tips from 400 pixels to 800 pixels. This will best match the native tool and avoid problems encountered when using the browser’s night mode.

Another important point is that, according to MS, “in Windows, transparency will not be allowed because it does not meet the accessibility requirements.” The company further adds that “this change [through Aura] also adds a border when transparency is not allowed. ”

An advantage in the solution found in the alternative tips box is the possibility of guaranteeing this same option for other browsers. That’s because the new Edge is based on Chromium. So other browsers made from the same open source can benefit from Aura features such as Google Chrome and Opera.

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