How to lock or unlock whatsapp with fingerprint or face ID

The world’s most popular instant messaging app, Whatsapp has launched the FaceID or TouchID feature for iPhone and iPad users. Through this feature, you can also lock or unlock your app with fingerprint touch or face ID. Users can keep their Whatsapp safe by adding this feature. Today, we will tell you about this feature, along with some new features that have been added to Whatsapp.

Do this like FaceID activate

  • First, you open your Whatsapp app.
  • Now you can go to settings options by tapping on the three dots given above the app.
  • In the settings you will find many options, from these options you will have to tap on the account option.
  • After this, you open privacy.
  • After this, you will see a screen lock option.
  • Here you will have to register your face ID by tapping on the Required Face ID option.
  • As soon as you select this office, your Apple device will give you the option of choosing one of the Face ID or Touch ID.
  • After this you will have four more options, out of which you have to choose one of Imidiyatali, After 1 Minute, After 15 Minutes or After 1 Hour.
  • Your face ID will activate once you make your choice.

To let you know that you need to update your Whatsapp app to the latest update version 2.19.20 to get this feature. After the update, you will get the feature of biometric lock-unlock. This feature is currently only available for iOS users. Soon this feature can be rolled out to Adwords users too. Users have long been waiting for this Face ID or Touch ID feature. In addition to this feature, some other features have also been added to Whatsapp, including private reply and other features.

Private reply feature

With the help of this feature of Whatsapp, you can reply to a member privately in any of the groups. This convergence will only be between you and the member you have responded privately too. Other members of the Whatsapp group will not see this convergence. In this way, you can chat privately in any group. For this, you have to do a long chat by going to the chat of the person you want to chat with. After this, you will see three dots, from which you will have to tap on the private reply menu. In this way, you can start chatting privately with that member. Users of this feature were also waiting for a long time.

Steaks to photos and videos

By connecting this feature, iOS users can send some people with photos or videos and add stickers also. Users will see this tab after the Emoji tab. From there you can select and send the sticker.

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