How to fix overheating problem in Android phone

The problem of overheating in Android smartphones is not new. Typically, due to the highness of display brightness, Wi-Fi connectivity for long periods or playing a lot of games are considered to be the reason. Many times this problem can be seen even when the normal temperature is 40-45 degrees in summer.

Many times the battery itself produces heat during the phone or charging. With the size of the battery in the slim design smartphone, the processor and battery get hot quickly. Whenever the processor of the phone gets hot, its direct impact also on the battery.

For these reasons the phone is hot

  1. Smartphone case

    The reason for this can also be a smartphone case. Many cases are made entirely of plastic or have a great amount of it. Even in the case made of leather, the phone remains insulated, the heat remains inside, while the phone is cold outside.

  2. Overloading

    This problem comes from downloading more applications, games or other software in the phone. Apart from this, many apps are launched in the background and they also use internet data pack with processor and RAM.

  3. Internal memory

    The memory is the reason for the phone being full of memory. Free phone memory, otherwise call the company’s service center.

  4. Virus

    These may cause dysfunctioning in your phone. Use good antivirus and get information on the phone’s security tips.

  5. Camera phones

    In addition to screen brightness, select resolution and frame rate, long usage of the camera makes the phone warm.

  6. GPS or Google Map

    If a user uses them daily, in this situation, there is an overheating problem in the phone.

Try these methods

  1. Remove unused apps

    To stop the apps that are not using, select Force Stop on the app icon to turn them off. Run them occasionally instead of daily.

  2. Many easy solutions will help

    Remove cover, turn on airplane mode and reduce display brightness. Turn on battery saver mode, use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS less.

  3. Battery optimization

    Use an Android phone with battery optimization features. Replace bad batteries and cables and do not charge the old phones’ battery 100%. When the phone is hot, remove the case made from the insulating material.

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