Whatsapp dictation feature : You can text send message via voice

A few days ago, there was a news in the media that there has been a dictation feature on Whatsapp, with the help of which only the message can be typed. However, this kind of feature is already present in Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, but it has been claimed that the dictation feature is now in-built in Whatsapp. However, such features have not been released by the WhatsApp app.

Whatsapp has not rolled out the dictation feature. Indeed, many media websites have claimed that the Whatsapp apparatus version 2.19.11 has rolled out the dictation feature and now the message will be typed.

There is no any information in Whatsapp description

Whatsapp has released a new update to iOS last week, only one version 2.19.11. In the description of this version, Whatsapp has not given the details of the dictation feature. If Whatsapp inbuilt this feature, then it must have been aware of version descriptions.

Android and iOS keyboards are the only dictation feature 

Android’s G-board keyboard, through which any message can be typed. These keyboards not only support Whatsapp but also on all types of apps. In the same way, there is a dictation feature in the keyboard of the iOS device, which supports all applications.

You can type messages by speaking

  • Android: When you open the Whatsapp chat, you will see ‘Mike’ on the top right of the keyboard when you open the keyboard to type the message, which you can type in a message after taping.
  • iOS: Even when you open the Whatsapp chat, when you open the keyboard, the ‘Mike’ button will appear at the bottom, the tap on which the message will be typed.

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