Link Aadhaar card with your UAN in simple steps

It is not necessary to link Aadhar card with Universal Account Number (UAN), but if your base is linked with UAN, then the PF claim or settlement will be easy. Employees can transfer their money after validation and KYC completion from the EPF account. Aadhar card is also sought during KYC. It is necessary to activate the UAN. Here we are providing information on how to link UAN to Aadhar card. This is an online process.

Link UAN to Aadhar card like this :

  • For this, you must first go to the EPFO e-KYC portal at
  • Then click on the link UAN Aadhar.
  • Now enter your UAN number and click Generate OTP. After this, your registered mobile number will get OTP.
  • Enter OTP here and click on Confirm OTP.
  • Now the page that will open will require you to select a base number, base verification modes such as mobile / email based OTP and biometric details.
  • After that click on Captcha Encharged Submit
  • You now have an OTP. This OTP will come if you have chosen the mobile/email based OTP option.
  • After completing the verification your base card will be linked to the UAN.

At the same time, if you have not yet created the Aadhar card, then you can make it with the process given below.

Apply online like this Aadhaar Card :

  • The user has to download the online registration form for registration. For this, you can go to the link below
  • After this, fill all the information carefully in it. After this, you have to find the nearest support enrollment center.
  • People living in Tier I cities can get information about their nearest base center by following the link given below.,  People who live in cities other than Tier I, can get information about their nearest base center by visiting the link below.
  • At the Aadhar Enrollment Center, the user has to give his form and all necessary documents like identity proof, address proof etc.
  • When all these documents are approved, then you have to record data such as biometrics such as fingerprint and iris scan. Photographs will also be taken at this time.
  • After all, these are submitted, you will receive an anonymity slip, which will have a 14 digit enrollment number. This number will be used to check the base card status.
  • When the Aadhar card is created, the user will be able to download it from the UIDAI website.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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