4 laptops to buy under Rs 10 thousand

The use of laptops has become commonplace for students from school-college to working people. The main reason is that you can carry the laptop anywhere and deal with your essential work. Laptops have become an essential tool for us, just like smartphones. Laptops are also available in the budget range nowadays. If you are also planning to buy a laptop, then we are going to tell you about 4 laptops priced under Rs 10,000 which you can buy.

Eyeball Excellence

The price of this laptop is only 9,999 rupees. The look and design of this Indian branded laptop is very excellent and with its help, you can easily deal with your essential task.

Micromax canvas lapbook

The lapbook of well-known Smartphone manufacturer, Micromax, is priced at Rs 10,499. Even after the price of this laptop is so less it has given awesome features. With the HD display, RAM and hard drive storage are also good.

Eyeball Exemplier Compbook

The price of this laptop is Rs 13,999. There is a full HD Plus display in it. Even after being cheaper, it has given many tremendous features.

John chromebook

The price of this laptop is 12,499 rupees. In this laptop, the capability of RAM and storage is tremendous as well as the Intel processor.

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