5 Apps to download to earn dollars online by completing task

Today the smartphone is not the just the way to entertain or interfere. Rather, if you want you can earn money from it. We are going to tell you about 5 such mobile apps through which users can earn money by sitting at home. For this you have to spend only one hour or 2 hours on your mobile.

Vigo video :

These days the app is becoming quite popular. First you need to install it on your mobile. After this, link it to Google, Facebook and Twitter. Here you can create your own short videos. If you come to the flams on the video, you can transfer them to pay-moment accounts with the help of import dollars.

Link to download: Vigo Video

Kwai :

The coins are given to users in this app. 100 coins are equal to 1 dollar. In this app, users can insert a video 12, 17 and 57 seconds. In this, you can earn money by just making a video.

Link to download: Kwai

Google opinion rewards :

This app has been created by Google. You have to do some survey on this. And the surveyors will give you money to participate in it.

Link to download: Google Opinion Rewards

Champcash :

Through this app you can earn money by downloading the app. That means first you have to download this app. After this application, you will have to download some mobile apps for a limited amount of time in your mobile. Apart from this, you can earn money by inviting your friends.

Link to download: Champcash

True Balance :

From this app, users can recharge for free on their mobile. After installing this app, 1 offer must be completed. This will give you a bonus of 5 to 10 rupees. You can also make money by referring your app to your friends.

Link to download: True Balance

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