How to avoid buying fake goods on online website

India is a country where many people still are not able to buy branded products due to high prices. In this case, first copy of any branded product is made for those people. E-commerce companies have also started running on this trend. There are many products here that are not original but their first copy. In such a situation, if you buy anything online, how can you find out the product that you order is original or copy?

Reach the company’s fidelity :

According to a report in 2015, the Mumbai-based sari distributor Mr. Meena Creations dragged two dozen vendors, including Flipkart, Amazon, E-Bay, into court. Because all these companies and vendors were duplicating the design of their copyright sarees and selling them. After this, the fidelity of these companies was knocked down because these companies claimed 100 percent of their original product.

Here we are going to tell you some ways so that you will be able to find out whether the product you are going to purchase online is original or not.

How to check whether an online product is fake or original

Pay attention to the product’s retailer and review :

Buy goods only if a retailer from whom you are carrying goods, if they are well-known. But if he is a new retailer, you need to be careful. Also, pay more attention to its reviews before buying any product. Do not buy the product if there are bad reviews of a product.

Be Careful With Attractive Deals :

It is not necessary that the deal given on every product is correct. There are also some deals that give users greed for buying a product at a very low price. Products that are available in such deals can be duplicated.

Search Barcode Address :

The number of barcode given on any product can be found in his information. Enter the number below the barcode on Google. This will give you complete information about the product.


Check Packaging :

Reputable businesses usually take great care in the packaging of their products. If you receive a product with a reckoning with unnecessary packaging, waste printing and open packing, then you may have been supplied duplicate products. Also read the information on packaging carefully. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes, then your product is fake.

Check the quality of the product :

If your product is made of any waste metal, plastic or fabric, then understand that it is not original. Because the companies pay special attention to their original product material.

Pay attention to where the product is made :

If the name of any country is not written on the product where it has been created then your product is throttled.

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