Is it possible to use Google Assistant on Amazon Echo?

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the voice assistants which dominate the global scene that have a series of dedicated devices, Amazon Echo and Google Home, which work with their respective assistants. In this article we will see if you can use Google Assistant to interact with Amazon Echo

Is it possible to use Google Assistant on Amazon Echo

Is it possible to use Google Assistant on Amazon Echo?

The answer is categorical, NOYou can not use Google Assistant using devices from the Amazon Echo family. Want for a block of the respective manufacturers, or for different technologies, they are not devices that talk to each other, that interact, and especially Google Assistant can not command an Amazon Echo.

At the time of writing the article there are no hack or tools that allow you to change the behavior of Amazon Echo and receive commands from other devices not from the same family of Amazon, while the reverse path is possible where the Amazon Echo can command many devices of other brands, but not Google Home.

The Google Assistant voice assistant controls millions of different devices of different brands through direct integration, but can not give commands to Amazon Echo in any way, since it is not compatible at the software level.

In fact, although the hardware could even allow it, there is no compatibility between the two systems, of two competing companies, which want their market share in the hardware world and not just in the software.

The same goes for Amazon Alexa which is not able to speak with Google Home devices directly. I wonder if the two companies will converge, but we are quite sure that they will remain two separate entities for obvious reasons of research, development and commissions.

So if you want to use as a voice assistant Google Assistant you only have to buy Google Home devices while if you like Amazon Alexa you are forced to use the Amazon Echo family device.

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