How to find out if a photo was taken from Internet

Here is an excellent guide to understand if a photo was found freely on the internet or is a unique creation and has not been copied browsing the internet

How to find out and understand if a photo was taken from the Internet

How to find out and understand if a photo was taken from the Internet

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of ideas, products and many more. It is very easy to find images of all types but at the same time finding an original and true image is not easy, since the most widespread are those copied and modified by art.

Have you ever wondered if this photo is real?, This photo is a copy? Was this photo edited? Is this image real? and many others, in this article we will see how to find out if an image is already present on the internet.

How to understand if a photo is found from the Internet

There are several methods to discover and find an image on the internet, so you know the true origin, and these are the Google image search tool and different web services. Here are our tips.

  • Google Images
  • TinEye

How Google Images works

By accessing directly to Google Images we will have the opportunity to reverse search image, both as files and as a URL address.

Directly from the Google Images page if we click on the icon in the form of a photo or on the link symbol, we will be able to insert the image to be analyzed, and once the image is loaded, we can start a global search. The result will be a set of images identical and similar to the one sought, so as to have an immediate visual comparison.

From a smartphone I will be sufficient to open the image and make a long tap on the photo and from the menu select the item Search this image on Google.

How TinEye works

There is an online service that allows in 90% of cases to understand if a picture was taken from the internet and this site is

How does? Once the image to be analyzed is loaded, the web service compares the image with all those present in its immense database and what time it found an equal image will signal to us the acknowledgment and also the site from which the image was downloaded.

From the site, you have to click on “choose file“, upload the image in question (you must first save it on the pc) and wait for the result.

Other methods for Android and iOS smartphones

Image Search of QiXingchen and Veracity are respectively two apps for Android the first and for iPhone and iPad the second, which allows you to search for images from smartphones, where we can upload from local files or photos taken or even Dropbox and copied in the clipboard, after a few seconds of research, you will get the same result, with the images found online by correspondence.

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