Google Photos has now Dark Mode theme on Android Pie

Google Photos was one of the many applications that have received the implementation of the so popular Dark Mode, which completely changes the entire palette of colors of your look. With darker shades, it offers a much more pleasant user experience to the eye, and can also help in battery saving on OLED screen smartphones.

Google Photos starts getting Dark Mode up on Android PieImage: XDA Developers

However, contrary to what happened with other applications, Google Photos only received Dark Mode in the beta version of Android Q. Now, according to some reports, it seems that the ‘night mode’ finally began to be available also for smartphones to run the Android Pie.

The desired mode has not yet reached all users

Although it has already reached some smartphones with Android Pie, it seems that its launch is still at an early stage. Most likely it will take a few days until all users have the opportunity to experience Dark Mode in Google Photos.

Everything indicates that the new functionality is not coming through a new update, but made available through Google’s servers. So, for you to be able to receive, just make sure you have the most current version of the application. On my smartphone, I have version and I have not received this addition yet.

What to expect from Dark Mode in Google Photos

Similar to what happened in other applications, Dark Mode for Google Photos also does not have a truly black tint. Instead, it changes its entire interface to a very dark gray color, which can equally guarantee a smaller impact on the user’s eyes.

For users who have an OLED screen smartphone, this means that they will not be able to take full advantage of the Dark Mode in terms of possible energy savings.

As you might expect, the highlight colors have also changed. The vibrant tones that are present in the traditional theme are replaced by faded tones. This change keeps the focus highlighted, making it more ‘friendly’ to the eyes.

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