Tiny Royale- Here is the new Snapchat Battle Royale Game

The social network Snapchat has recently launched its online gaming platform and this contains a battle royale style game. Tiny Royale is the first game in the style of Fortnite or PUBG available to all users of this well-known social network.

Tiny Royale was developed by Zynga and has the same purpose as some of the most popular games of the moment: being the last player alive. All this directly in your Snapchat application, with no need to install anything else.

Build your team or eliminate all your opponents in Tiny Royale

The social component could not be left out of this game developed for Snap. Tiny Royale lets you create teams with your friends or just be you. All this in rounds of only two minutes, with a maximum of 30 players.

Throughout the game, you can unlock new characters, pick up new weapons or even pick up life packages. All this as the map shrinks and until the last team or the last player survives.

Another social component of this game is the ability to communicate with your friends by chatting within the game. The exchange of impressions you find convenient can be done by both written and voice messages.

For the more enthusiastic will be created the Tiny Royale Leagues

If you think you can be even more competitive, leagues will be created for the more ferocious players. Tiny Royale Leagues will give you the opportunity to compete in a ranking system. This feature will be released in the summer, so it should not be too long.

How to access Tiny Royal in your Snapchat application

Tiny Royal is available through the application of Snapchat for Android or iOS. To access Tiny Royal and other games, just follow the following steps:

  • Opens the Snapchat application
  • Opens a chat window with any of your contacts
  • Click on the “rocket” that appears above your keyboard
  • Choose a game

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