7 Google Chrome tricks will make your life easier

Google Chrome is currently the world’s most popular browser. 65 percent of the world’s people use this browser. Smartphone users or PC users, everyone uses this browser The biggest reason for this is the browser interface and Easy to Use. Today we are going to tell you about the 8 useful settings of Google Chrome, which will make it easier for you to use this browser.

Keyboard shortcuts for extensions

With the extension of the Google Chrome browser, you can add the app you need to add to your browser. You can also support keyboard shortcuts for the use of Google Chrome extensions. For this you have to go to (chrome: // extensions / shortcuts) first. After that you can create keyboard shortcuts for your individual apps.

Such use of extensions in Incognito mode

Many people use Google’s Incognito mode for Safe Browsing. But many features in this mode do not work. To enable the Google extension in Incognito mode, click the Extensions’ Detail button. After this, enable it by going to the “Allow in incognito” button.

Backing up the background app

Google Chrome’s background apps can slow down your PC. To delete your Google Chrome’s background app, you first have to open Chrome. After that go to Settings and go to advanced option. After this disable the “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” option. This way your background apps will be closed.

Disabling Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash software can slow your browser. Many websites use this software. Disabling this is important because through this you can leak your online data and also have a security risk. For this you have to disable it in Chrome’s settings (chrome: // settings / content / flash).

Adding and Removing Payment Methods

If you are online shopping regulators, then you can also add a credit or debit card used for your payment in Google Chrome. For this you have to go (“chrome: // settings / payments”) and add ads by clicking on the add button. At the same time, if you want to delete your credit or debit card, you can get away there.

Managing Addresses

You can also add your home address, phone number, and other information to Google Chrome. For this, you can add and remove your address by going to the “chrome: // settings / autofill” option.

Managing Guest Profiles

If someone in your PC browses other than you, then you can also manage its profiles in Google Chrome. For this, you have to right-click the profile icon and open the Guest window.

Disabling pop-ups

If you have repeatedly been popping up notifications while using PC, you can also manage it. For this, you have to go to (“chrome: // settings / content / notifications”) and click on the “Ask before sending (recommended)” option to disable.

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