How to find out what your interests are on Instagram

Instagram has a hidden function in which the social network tries to guess what your interests are to show you ads. Here’s how to access it!

Instagram is one of the most used social networks and constantly gains new resources to help its users. As with other sites, Instagram also ends up showing ads to users, which may come from stores and other social network profiles. Like most of the current sites and services, Instagram, of course, collects some data about you to try to guess what your interests are and show only relevant ads. Here’s how to find out what issues Instagram thinks is of interest to you.

How to know what subjects Instagram thinks is of your interest

This function of Instagram began to gain prominence in the last weeks, because, although to hit in the majority of the cases, ends up bringing very unusual results. Look:

  1. Open the Instagram application normally and touch the icon of your profile. Then touch the icon that is represented by three lines and go to “Settings”;
  2. Go to “Security” and touch “Access data”;
  3. Swipe the new screen down until you reach “Ads,” touch “See All” below “Add Interests,” and your list of interests will be uploaded.

Now, you already know how to see what issues Instagram deems to be of interest to you. Unfortunately, so far there is no way to remove or add an item to this list, so this means that Instagram will only continue to show items for what you have been tasting on the social network for now.

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