Instagram music stories not showing : How to fix

Why don’t I have music on Instagram? How to make Instagram history with music? Here is the solution if Instagram music stories don’t come out. Music on Instagram stories

Music Instagram stories does not appear: how to solve

Instagram music updates

As you have probably noticed, for some months now the social network Instagram has introduced a new and interesting feature in the Stories: it is the possibility of adding a sticker (sticker) in the Instagram Stories that allows you to use a song or a piece of music as background to the Stories. 

In short, along with the photo or video, you can now also add a sticker that starts a song (or a piece of a song) while playing your Story on Instagram.

It is a function very much appreciated by users of the social network, too bad that not everyone can take advantage of it: there are many Instagram users (especially on Android ) who still do not have the possibility to insert music and songs in Instagram Stories.

I was one of those: since the launch of the music in the Instagram Stories, I still didn’t have the possibility to use this function on my personal account. Instead, I tried on two accounts created from scratch and incredibly I had music on Instagram stories.

Why don’t I have music on Instagram?

I just couldn’t explain to myself why I didn’t have the chance to put music in my Instagram stories, so I spent hours and hours searching for solutions on the web, without being able to solve the problem.

Despite various guides and various attempts, I could not put stories on Instagram with music. 

At least until today.

After countless tests, in fact, I was able to activate the sticker music on Instagram also on my smartphone. From today, therefore, I too can finally make Instagram history with music. 

And in this guide, I explain in a simple and fast way how I managed to reach my goal.

Music Instagram stories

If you don’t have the music sticker on Instagram and you want to use the music in your Instagram stories, all you have to do is follow the instructions you find in the following video, which I specifically shot.

In the movie, I explain to you step by step how to activate music in your Instagram stories in a simple, easy and fast way.

NOTE:  the function is activated only on your smartphone, not at the account level. This means that if you change your smartphone or use the original Instagram app, the music will not be active.

As you will see in the movie, to be able to follow the guide you must download this program:

This is a modified version of Instagram that adds lots of features to the original app, including the ability to activate the music sticker in the Stories.

How to update Instagram for music

Here is the video tutorial in which I show you all the steps necessary to reach your goal:

Among the other features offered by this modified version of Instagram for Android, please note that you can:

  • hide, block and remove all ads from Instagram
  • block the automatic upload (autoplay) of videos on Instagram
  • download photos and videos from Instagram in one click
  • save and download Instagram stories
  • save and download live Instagram live

and so much more.

I assure you that after trying this modified version of Instagram for Android you will never want to go back to the original application. 

Instagram update with music

In short, if for any reason your Instagram does not show the sticker and the music in the Stories, thanks to our indications you have the possibility to get around the problem in a few simple steps.

A couple of minutes of work to have the Instagram music stories option. Easy, right?


So, did you see how simple it was to activate music in your Instagram stories? Did you finally manage to enable the music and songs feature in the Instagram Stories thanks to our directions?

I sincerely hope to have helped you. Now you can finally publish Instagram stories with background music!

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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