How to enable Tabs Discard function in Chrome to reduce memory consumption

When you start surfing the Internet, it is very common that you forget or stop closing the tabs on your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, the default browser setting may end up consuming a lot of machine memory, even if you leave only the flap open and are not actually in it.

To mitigate this issue, Google Chrome has a feature that can cause open tabs that are not in use, turn off, and decrease memory consumption. Here’s how to enable the Chrome drop-off setting that’s not in use.

The feature to be enabled is available in the stable version of Chrome, however, as well as some other settings, it needs to be enabled manually in browser settings. Check out how to use it:

  1. Open the browser normally and enter this address: chrome://flags;
  2. Now search for “Discard”;
  3. In the two items that appear, change its value to “Enabled”;
  4. After you have changed the value, be sure to click on “Relaunch now”.

After you have made the changes, you should not notice any changes to the browser interface, since the process only affects how you manage the tabs. What you should note, in fact, is that when you return to a tab, the browser will act as if you were reloading the site, since it “paralyzed” the page to stop consuming memory.

Ready! You now know how to use the Chrome feature to automatically drop tabs. If you do not like the changes made by the change, simply access the same menu where the options were activated and change their value to “Default” or “Disabled”.

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