How to Scan documents using Google Drive with your phone

When having to make a registration or a purchase, often companies end up asking you to copy some documents. To send them, however, a good practice is to scan them so that the file is of good quality and can be archived to the best of its ability.

If you need to do this, but you do not have a computer for this, you know that you can use a smartphone to scan documents easily, of course, using your camera. Here’s how to scan documents using Google Drive on your phone.

How the process works

The process of scanning documents with Google Drive is very simple, and all files are already in PDF format by default, which is the most commonly used by companies.

Scan documents on your mobile with Google Drive

If you use Android, by default, Google Drive is already installed on your device. However, this feature is also available to anyone using the Google app on iOS, the iPhone system. The process below was performed on a device with Android, but it is very similar on both platforms, changing only the position of some interface items. Check out:

  1. Go to Google Play or the App Store and make sure Drive is up to the latest version;
  2. On the application start screen, touch the icon represented by “+” and select the “Scan” option;
  3. At this time, Google Drive will ask you for permission to access the camera. Tap “Allow” and try to center the document to the maximum on the screen;
  4. With the picture taken, touch “Ok” and in the message that appears, touch “I understood”;
  5. If the image is cropped, touch the icon as shown in the image below to increase the area captured. Make the necessary adjustments and touch the confirm button;
  6. Back on the document screen already set up, touch where is the name “scan with pdf” and define how the file will be called;
  7. Finally, touch the confirm button and set where the document will be saved in the cloud.

Once you have the document scanned, you can use Google Drive’s sharing functions to send it the way you prefer by email, messaging applications, and other media.

Ready! Now, you already know how to use your cell phone to scan documents.

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