Xiaomi launches a tyre air pump with rechargable battery that requires no effort

If you ride your bike, you’ve been through times where your tire just can not stand the same as you. At the time when the casual BTT was part of me, I was riding in the backpack with a bundle of accessories for this type of situation. An air pump was mandatory.

However, times have changed and Xiaomi has revealed a gadget that all bike lovers will love. The small gadget is an air pump, however, small and does not require any effort on your part to fill the tire. The gadget looks more like an old iPod and gives us a 2000 mAh battery with the ability to fill up to 11 bicycle tires or 41 soccer balls.

This Xiaomi air pump is rechargeable with 2000 mAh battery

The small air pump measures 12 inches tall, 7cm wide and 4.5cm thick. That is, it is not really small. Yet it is far more practical than an air pump. The gadget also gives us a small LED that you can call to fill the tires with little visibility.

With the price of around $25, this gadget was launched by the brand on its crowdfunding website. That is, it is possible that it will be available to the public within a few months on the typical websites from China that import branded products.

Charging the battery of this air pump is as simple as plugging in the USB cable and it’s ready. In a few hours, you get enough battery for another 11 tires. Finally, the gadget can adapt to temperatures ranging from minus 10º to minus 45º. Truth be told if your bike with these temperatures you can be hailed as a superhero.

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