How to delete Twitch account

You decided to delete twitch account because you are no longer satisfied with it or, simply, because you do not intend to continue using it. So you would like to know how to delete Twitch Account without making mistakes and you are looking for step by step procedure, right? Well, then know that you just happened to be in the right guide at the right time!

Without wasting more time let’s find out how to permanently delete Twitch account and have all data deleted.

Permanently deleting Twitch Account

When deleting the account, the user ID is deleted along with all the account data and cannot be reused! Make sure this is what you want to do. If you have a paid account, it is important to cancel the automatic renewal first and then delete the account (see how in the second topic). allows automatic account deletion, the process is irreversible.

Steps to Delete:

  1. To delete your account, visit 
  2. You will need to enter your password
  3. Then click on “Delete My Account” to confirm the deletion.

Delete twich account
Delete twitch account

Note: does not specify what will happen to your data after deletion, it will probably be deleted, as it cannot be recovered. And according to website support, the username of deleted accounts is unavailable for use in the future.

“Deleted usernames are kept on record, and are not made available for recreation in the future”

For more information visit Twitch.

Cancel paid subscription

If you have a paid subscription on Twitch it is very important to cancel it before deleting the account. To cancel your subscription, visit the subscription page

  1. Look for the subscription you want to cancel,
  2. Click on “gear icon” on the right side of it
  3. Click on “Don’t Renew Subscription“.
  4. Now in the next window Twitch will ask your reason for cancelling, select the one which best suits you. Here click on “Don’t renew subscription“. By doing this, your subscription will not be automatically renewed when the last payment time expires.
    Cancel Twitch paid subscription

The subscription will remain active until the end of this period, after which the account will be free.

Only perform the account deletion process when you are sure that the automatic renewal has been cancelled, so as not to run the risk of being charged after deleting the account!

If you have problems cancelling your subscription, contact exclusive support at [email protected].

Still Issue not Resolved:

If you have any problems deleting the account or have any questions you can contact support by sending an email through the support page:

Some questions can also be resolved by contacting support via Twitter at @Twitch.

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