How to Add and Assign Roles in Discord

Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging application, originally designed for gamers, offers lots of features that also make it attractive, including for professional use. Discord works using a system of servers in which several chat rooms (channels), for text or voice, can be created.

If you have an especially large server, you may want to delegate and organize well who can control and manage each of the channels. You can do it with role management. If you are looking to add or assign roles this guide is for you.

Why roles in Discord?

Discord roles help to categorize members of servers, in different groups with different levels of permissions, based on the trust and authority of members. This helps a large server admin to manage the server easily. Just follow the steps below to add new roles.

Here are various permissions available for roles:

General permissions:

Allows members to give administrator permission, view audit logs, manage servers, manage roles, manage channels, kick members, ban members, create invites, change nicknames, manage nicknames, manage webhooks, Read Text Channels & see voice channels.

Text Permissions:

Send Messages, Send TTS Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Attach Files, Add Reactions and others.

Voice Permissions:

Connect, Speak, Mute Members, Priority Speaker and permission to Go Live.

Add roles in discord in Twitch

Add roles in discord in Twitch

  1. Click on the server name and then go to settings “server settings“.
  2. Click on “Roles” from the menu, by default there is @everyone, it is the role assign permissions for all the members of the server, even if they are not assigned any other roles.
  3. To create a new Role click “+” on the top in front of roles
  4. Define the name of Role and choose a Role Color with which name of the members assigned with this will be displayed
  5. Set permissions from the list of General Permissions, Text Permissions, Voice Permissions.
  6. Then click on save changes

Assign Roles to members in Twitch:

Assign Roles to members in Twitch

Now you’ve created roles and config the permissions. It’s time to assign roles to members. Here is how to assign roles to server members:

  1. Click on the server name and then go to settings “server settings“.
  2. In the settings menu, you will find “Members” Tab click on it.
  3. Now click on + (plus) sign under the member you want to assign a role to
  4. You will see a drop-down list of roles you added assign, you can assign one or more roles from the list
  5. Now member has permissions assigned to role.

Final Note:

Now you can add roles and assign to members. But before assigning roles remember, with great power comes great responsibility, assign permissions like administrator, ban, mute, kick members to members whom you trust more.

In case, you’re still facing any problem let us know in comments. Or you contact to discord support directly by visiting here.


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