How to Delete League of Legends Account

League of Legends  (LoL) is an online PC game that is focused on multiplayer and team matches. Although it is fun, you may find yourself addicted to this.

You realized video game addiction binding you to devote much of your time and energies to videogames, compromising physical activity, social relationships and reducing the concentration of the subject during working hours. 

Finally, decided to delete the account and get rid of addiction, then this guide is for you.

Delete League of Legends  (LoL) Account

Unfortunately, the game does not have this option natively and you need submit a ticket to Riot Games and request cancellation. To do this is very simple, check out the steps below.

Step:1. Visit this page to submit a request

Step:2. Now, Login into your account.

Step:3 . Choose request type from drop-down at bottom, you’ll find “Account management, data requests, or deletion” select this.

Delete LoL account

Step:4. Then provide the following account details :

Delete LoL Account

  • Account Name
  • Summoner Name (Name other gamers see):
  • The server you play on (E.g. EU West, North America)
  • Email address you used to register the account.
  • Location that you registered the account from (City, Country).
  • If you have purchased RP, list all the payment methods used to purchase RP

Step:5. Click on Submit a ticket.

In case you don’t have all the information mentioned above submit with the information you have. They may ask for other information to verify ownership of the account.

It will take 30 days to start the deletion process after submitting a request. And if you have changed your mind you can respond to the ticket within 5 days to get it back.

Once the account deleted your username and summoner name will be available for other users to use.

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