How to delete sent messages from Messenger

Currently, users use many social media apps. In most of these applications, companies have provided the feature of editing, deleting, or sending a message made by the user. Shortly before, Facebook’s messenger app provided an undesired feature. This feature was introduced in the first phase in countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Poland and Lithuania. Now, this feature has been rolled out in more places.                          Details of the Deleted feature of Messenger :

The company has issued a press release and told that the Messenger team was working on this feature for a long time. It has now been rollout for the users. It has been made available on iOS and Android platforms. After the arrival of this feature, if many users send a message by mistake to a messenger, then they will be given the option of deletion. Let me tell you that the message can be deleted within 10 minutes of it being sent. 

 How to use this feature :

  • For this, users must first download the Messenger app.
  • After that go to the chat window and you have to go to the chat whose message you want to delete.
  • Then select the message that you have to delete. For this, you have to hold the message by tapping the message.
  • Now you have to tap the Remove option. After this there will be a message popup that contains Delete for Everyone and Delete for you. From this, you have to tap Delete for Everyone.
  • This will delete the message. But keep in mind that if the time to send the message is above 10 minutes then you will not be able to delete that message.

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