How to save yourself from whatsapp scam that could rob you

WhatsApp is popular all over the world for instant messaging. Users use it to send messages, send video or images to each other. Apart from these, many things can be done through WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp is so popular, it does not have any security features that can prevent users from getting hacked into account. At the present time WhatsApp is on the target of hackers. Hackers have now taken out a new idea to cheat WhatsApp users. Its name is Kidnap scam. Through this hackers earn money from users.

Learn about Kidnap Scam :

             Assuming reports, hackers record a user’s SIM card by copying a user and calling his service provider. After this they are given a second SIM. By doing so, hackers open the user’s WhatsApp account using OTP. After that hack the account. By accessing WhatsApp, they send annoying messages to all the user’s contacts. This message says that the user has been kinapaped. Hackers also demand ransom.

Recently 10 people from Singapore have reported that they have been victims of Kidnap scam. In it, users are asked to send money or gifts to an unknown address. At the same time, some cases have also been filed in South Africa. Here some government officials have also been targeted.

How to Stay Safe :

There is currently no anti-hack feature or update available to avoid this attack. However, you can only do so if you get such messages from any friend or family member, then you contact them.

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