How to delete multiple Facebook posts at same time

How many times have we happened to go on our Facebook profile and find posts that going back in time we would never have shared? Fortunately, the social network allows us to remedy offering the possibility of being able to delete these posts. Sometimes, however, the amount of post to delete is so large that erasing them one by one would require a flood of time. But do not worry! Facebook in fact allows us to delete multiple posts at the same time.

Delete posts from Facebook

In this guide we will see how to delete several posts simultaneously from the famous social network, we will show you how to do it both from a PC and from a smartphone.

How to delete posts on Facebook from the PC

First open your web browser and log in to Facebook, then go to your profile. Just under the “What’s on your mind?” Box you will notice the “Manage posts” button.

Once the screen appears with all your posts, you can start selecting which ones you want to delete. Please note if a photo is set as a profile picture: when selecting you will not be able to select the deletion. Once you have selected the posts you want to delete click on the “Next” button that appeared on the bottom bar.

After clicking the “Next” button, a menu will appear with three options: hide the posts, remove the tags, delete the posts. Make your choice and you’re done.

Remember that the delete process is not reversible, once the posts are deleted, it will no longer be possible to recover them, so be careful of what you delete.

How to delete Facebook posts from smartphones

Similarly to the procedure performed on the PC, it is possible to delete several Facebook posts simultaneously via the smartphone. The first step is to start the application of the well-known social network on your device. Once the app is open, the next step is to go to your profile and scroll through the interface until you find the “manage post” button.

After pressing the button you will have to select the posts you want to delete. Like on the PC, even on the smartphone you can delete up to 50 posts at the same time.

Once you have selected the posts to be deleted, just click on the “next” button in the upper right-hand corner and the menu will appear with the three options to delete or hide a post or remove a tag.

Once again, what is deleted can no longer be recovered, so even in this case pay maximum attention. Both the app for devices and the desktop version offer the possibility to filter the search in order to select only one type of post (eg status or link).

Now you can finally remove all the embarrassing posts on your profile, good work!

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