Where and how to access the Mobile Clipboard

Ever wondered where all saved content is stored in the clipboard? In principle, it may not seem like much, but knowing what was saved by you at some point can avoid setbacks such as sending wrong messages to others or filling passwords incorrectly.

To find out what “hides” message on your cell phone just follow the steps below.

Where and how to access the Mobile Clipboard

Placing a Text on the Clipboard

1. Open any notes or messages app and type something. You can use the apps like: WhatsApp, Facebook, Notes or any other of the type;

2. Tap and hold the content you typed for a few moments, then tap the “Copy” option. The selected and copied text is now already in the phone’s clipboard;

3. In any other texts app touch and hold, when adding a new message, the option to “paste” the previously copied message will appear ;

Where to find the clipboard texts

If you no longer remember what you copied and want to discover the history of suspended messages to reuse them, or delete them, just follow the steps below.

Tip: We used the Clipboard Manager, available only for Android, in this tutorial, but you can download the text manager of your choice.

1. Download and install the Clipboard Manager application ( Android );

2. Once you open the app for the first time, you will automatically receive a notification showing the most recent content that has been copied and is on the Clipboard;

3. You can save this current message in your notes. To do this, select the “Clipboard” or “Notes” tab, and then tap the (+) sign;

4. In the window that opens, you can give a note title and paste the message into “Note content“. Then just choose where you want to save it in the device.

Viewing history of copied content

In addition to the most recent message, Clipboard Manager keeps track of all content history that is currently in suspension. You can also organize them for future uses. See how.

1. On the “Clipboard” or “Notes” tab, touch the (+);

2. Tap and hold in the “Note contents” field. In the window that opens, touch “Clipboard“;

3. Some suspended content options will appear in the space where the typing buttons are usually;

4. Now just repeat the procedure of choosing a title for the note (optional) and touch save.

Please note: some images will appear in the suggestions as well, however, they can not be added to the notes or clipboards;

5. You can also delete anything that is suspended. Use the (+) button, then tap and hold in the “Note Contents” field;

6. In the options you open, tap and hold on some content. In the window that opens, select “Delete from Clipboard“.

Ready! Now you will have control of everything you have copied on your phone to know exactly what is pasting into the messages.

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