How to check battery level of AirPods

In theory, AirPods guarantees 5 hours of music listening and 2 hours of a telephone conversation with a single recharge and it takes 15 minutes in custody to earn another 3 hours of music and over 1 hour of phone calls. Then when the AirPods battery level drops to zero, a tone alerts you to the imminent shutdown, but how do you check the charge levels before you get there Just know how to look.

On the Custody

When inserting the earphones into the appropriate housing, the case illuminates and shows their charge status green means charges, amber indicates instead that it remains less than a full charge. When the earphones are out of the case, the LED instead shows the charging status of the case itself.

On the iPhone

If you open the AirPods case near your iPhone, the charge status of earphones and cases will automatically appear on your phone and if you pull out an AirPod, you’ll see the battery levels of the individual headset.

Alternatively, there is always the Battery Widget available on the Today screen of iPhone and iPad. Just swipe the Home right, scroll down the Widget list, tap Edit and tap the “+” key next to the Batteries item.

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