How To Make Money From Facebook : Top 5 Methods Tips

Social media can be a great way to make money online. Despite the growth of Instagram and recommending how to make money on Instagram, Facebook is still the most accessed social network in the world. So be sure to use it and, to encourage you, we’ve put together the top 5 tips on how to make money on Facebook!

Why make money on Facebook?

If you are used to using social media as entertainment and have never seen your potential for extra income, now is a good time to turn that key around.

Any online platform can be used as an extra source of income, as we also show in our guide to making money on YouTube. Whether you’re an employee of a company wanting a pay addition or are thinking of a career as a digital influencer, learning how to make money on Facebook is crucial.

Not sure where to start?

So check out the full list with the 5 tips on how to make money on Facebook!

1. Open a Fan Page

The first step for anyone who wants to use Facebook for Business is to open a Fan Page. Different from personal profiles, in it you can track data such as tastings and comments that your posts receive, how many people a publication came to you and how many people liked your page, among many others.

It’s quite simple to open a Fan Page on Facebook. First, access your profile and click the Create button  in the bar located in the upper right corner of the screen:

Then click the Page button  :

Please state the purpose of Fan Page, whether it is a business or public figure. As the intention is to learn how to make money on Facebook, click the Start  button in the Business or Public Figure option :

Name your page and tell which business category it belongs to, followed by personal information such as address and phone number:

Click Continue to proceed and continue following the instructions given by Facebook.

2. Open a store on Facebook

In addition to the advantages mentioned in the previous item, having your Fan Page opens the possibility of also opening a virtual store inside Facebook itself!

In it, you can either sell products created by you or items that you no longer use, as if you were on an online shopping site. To do this, open your Fan Page and go to the Shop option, located in the menu on the left side of the screen.

If the option does not appear, you must access the page settings in the upper bar.

Select  Templates and Guides.

Under  Default Template, click the Edit button.

Find the Purchases  option  and access it by clicking  View details ;

Click  Apply template and the Store option will appear in the left menu, as shown at the beginning.

From there, you can register the products you are going to sell, or if you already have a virtual store created in Shopify – one of the best tools for creating online stores – you can integrate it and Facebook to import your entire catalog into the network Social.

3. Use the Facebook Marketplace

One of Facebook’s top launches in 2018, Marketplace is a better choice for anyone who just wants to learn how to make money on Facebook by selling their used items.

It is not necessary to create a Fan Page to use the marketplace, which facilitates the life of those who do not have much intimacy with the platform.

To start selling from the Marketplace, simply click on the same name option and then the Sell an item button.

Then just send the photos of the product, say the price, choose a category and create a full description that is flashy.

4. Selling by Facebook groups

Facebook groups are true communities and a great opportunity to learn how to make money on Facebook and ways to promote your business.

Including, there are several groups destined only to buy and sell!

A Facebook group brings users who are interested in a particular subject – controls for Android , for example – and exchange information and tips. Typically, these communities have an alternative group dedicated to trading these items, since Facebook does not allow you to create mixed groups for discussion and sales at the same time.

5. Learn how to use Facebook ads

Unlike the last two items in this list teaching how to make money on Facebook, you need to have a Fan Page to create ads.

The ads are similar to the posts you normally see on the social network. However, they can attract more customers to your business because they can direct them to an audience that is more likely to interact with your publication and buy from your brand.

Facebook paid ads are essential to bring more audiences to your Fan Page, improving your company’s growth rate. But it is necessary to study about the ads, since simply creating and without much knowledge can lead to damages.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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