How to Activate SOS Emergency mode on Apple Watch

With iOS 11, iOS 12, calling the police or the ambulance in case of need is simple and above all very discreet. It is enough to know the trick, but it is not very obvious.

With the latest versions of iOS, just press the power button for 5 consecutive times, because three sliders appear to turn off the device, to open the Clinic Folder or to make an emergency call. In the latter case, depending on where you are in the world, a call will start at the default number 911 in the USA. Furthermore, with iOS 12, a very noisy sound warning starts.

The slider is necessary to avoid routing calls to the local police by mistake, but if you want you can disable this step and make sure that, after 5 presses of the power button, you are directly contacted 911. You can set the Automatic Call in Settings> SOS emergencies.

On iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the procedure is slightly different you have to press the side key and the volume key simultaneously. As if you clenched the phone, to understand us.

When SOS Emergency is activated, the Touch ID (or Face ID) is disabled, and an iMessage is forwarded with your location to the Emergency contacts indicated in the Health app .

Emergencies on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch, the emergency call is activated by pressing and holding the side button on the clock display will appear a menu with several choices just slide your finger on the icon “SOS Emergencies” to start the procedure.

Those who want a more streamlined procedure can open the Apple Watch app on iPhone and activate the item “Hold down the side key” in General> SOS emergencies this will ensure that a long press of the side key is sufficient to call the rescue and send them your position.

The sending is then repeated at regular intervals for a certain period of time, so as to keep updated contacts and law enforcement agencies of any movement to underline finally that the position on the map is still sent, even if the geolocation services are deactivated.

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