How to change your boarding station after booking tickets from IRCTC

If you have booked a ticket and want to change your boarding point from the IRCTC, which offers the official e-ticket service of Indian Railways, then you have to follow a few easy steps. Sometimes it happens that we have given the boarding point somewhere and we have to board the train from somewhere else so passengers can change their boarding point from the IRCTC app or website.

Follow these steps to change the boarding point.

  1. First log in to your IRCTC website or mobile app.
  2. After this, navigate to the booking ticket history.IRCTC 1
  3. By doing so, you will see all tickets booked with IRCTC account. There will also be an Upcoming Journey SectionIRCTC 2
  4. Now select the ticket you want to change the boarding point.IRCTC 3
  5. After this, taping or clicking on the radio button will show all the stations from the boarding point of your booked ticket to the destination. Select the station from which you want to board the train board.IRCTC 4
  6. After this, tap or click the Change Boarding Point button and submit it.
  7. By doing this, the boarding point will change on your ticket. You can print or SMS the ticket and board the train with the new boarding point.

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