How to prevent your Xiaomi and Samsung smartphone from overheating

These days, many incidents of battery bursts of smartphones or mobile phones are coming out. Recently, the incident of the burst of Xiaomi MiA1, a popular model of Xiaomi, has emerged. Earlier, there was a fire incident in Samsung’s smartphone. In addition to these smartphones, feature phone batteries have also been overhauled. Let us tell you that the number of mobile phones that were blasted in recent days was lithium-battery.

Have you ever wondered why this lithium-ion battery bursts? Lithium-ion batteries are used in almost all mobile phones around the world. Today, we are going to tell you how to prevent the bursting of mobile phones with these lithium-ion batteries. Most of the mobile phone bursts are due to overheating of the phone. In such a way, you have to take some precautions to use from the charging of the phone. Otherwise your mobile phone may also be blasted.

Keep Mobile Phone Battery Safe Like This

  • One of the main reasons for any smartphone being blasted is overcharging. We often put our phones on the charging while sleeping at night and the phone keeps charging till the morning. In this case, the battery of the phone can be overheated and the battery life may also be reduced. Along with this, there is a danger of phone bursts.
  • When charging the phone, do not keep any thing near the phone so that your phone can get hot. The phone can burst after heating.
  • Most users talk on the phone while charging or use the Internet. Phone receipt or Internet usage makes the phone hot.
  • The phone should never be charged with the extension chord. Always charge your mobile with the socket mounted on the wall. There is a danger of electricity fluctuation through the extension board, which can blast the phone’s battery along with the charger.
  • Never charge your mobile phone in the sun. Due to sunlight, the phone will get extra heat and the phone can be overhauled.
  • When charging the phone, the back cover of the phone should be removed. Because of the back cover, the heat of the phone does not come out and the phone starts overheating.
  • The phone should not be charged with any other charger. Electricity is required for every phone according to its battery. In such cases, the company also tests the charger of the same electrical supply with the phone so that it can be charged. Try to charge the phone with the original charger only. Using any other phone charger or local charger, the battery of the phone can also be damaged and the phone may be overheated.
  • If you are replacing your phone’s battery, always replace with the original battery. Because, the circuit of the phone is designed according to the same. Due to getting more or less power, the phone’s circuit can get worse and can also blast the shot circuit.

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