How to change username in Windows 10

Microsoft made it difficult in Windows 10 process to change. Here’s how it’s done!

When you have finished configuring Windows 10 or sharing your computer with someone else, you need to configure the accounts, which of course serve to separate the files and settings stored on the system. In turn, if you go through the PC or change the person with whom you share the machine, changing the user name may be essential.

The process was even considered simple in previous Windows, but because the Microsoft account system was introduced, this task became a bit more complicated.¬†Here’s how to change a user’s account name in Windows 10.

How to change a user’s account name in Windows 10

Although it has gotten a bit more complicated, the process is still part of Windows, however, it requires you to be connected to an Internet. Check out:

  1. Press the “Win + I” keys together to open the Windows 10 “Settings” screen and enter “Accounts”;
  2. Under “Your information,” click “Manage my Microsoft account”;
  3. In the site open in the browser, log in with the Microsoft account that is being used;
  4. With the login done, just below your name, click on “More actions” and go to “Edit profile”;
  5. On the new screen, click “Edit Name”;
  6. Enter the desired name.

After you have performed these steps, your user name will already be changed as soon as Windows restarts. Please note that in addition to changing your name on Windows, this process also changes the name used in your email or other services that use this Microsoft account.

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