Google Duo now let you share photos: Here are the details

Google Duo is one of the applications that has shown a major evolution over the last few days, receiving several new features that make it even more versatile and complete. Clearly, being the best video-calling application is not enough for Google.

Now with the latest update (version 56), you’ll already be able to share photos with your contacts on the Google Duo. This is a feature that had already been talked about for some time, and it looks like Google has finally decided to start implementing it.

Sending photos to Google Duo

For now, this feature is a very early stage, and it is not yet possible to share photos directly in the application. However, you can do so through the sharing button in Google Photos.

  • In Google Photos, open the photo/picture you want to share
  • Click the share button
  • Look for the Google Duo icon in the apps list
  • Already on Google Duo, you will be able to add text to your image
  • In the last step, you can select the contacts to whom you want to send the image

Obviously, it would be much more practical if you could send a photo directly from the application, which should happen in the next updates.

When they send you a photo through Google Duo, you’ll receive a notification that will give you direct access to the image. This image is available for only 24 hours and can be viewed again through the main page of the sending contact.

Whenever you are viewing the image, a button will always be displayed to start a video call and another to respond to the message.

Can Google Duo rival WhatsApp and other messaging platforms?

The Google Duo is by far the ‘social’ application of the company that has succeeded most, and arguably the most useful. However, when it was originally released its purpose was only to make video calls.

Now that they have been able to perfect their main functionality, it would not be surprising if they tried to expand Google Duo to other communication segments.

Little by little, we see new features come in such as video messaging and sending pictures/images. If they decide to implement support for text conversations, Google Duo could easily become a true rival to WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

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