Change system language without having to reinstall anything in Windows 10

Depending on where you got the image of your Windows 10 to install it, it may not have come in English or the language of your choice. Fortunately, unlike what you can imagine, changing the system language does not have to be reinstalled.

The feature to be used actually stays even within system settings and does not require the use of third-party programs, requiring only that you are connected to the Internet to download the language pack. Here’s how to change the language of Windows 10:


Even after performing the Windows 10 language change with the process described below, you can return to the previous setting at any time. So if you’re sorry, you can go back to the language in which Windows 10 was previously set.

How to change the language of Windows 10

As stated above, before proceeding to step by step, just make sure you are connected to the internet as it will be required to download the language pack. From this, see how to proceed:

  1. Press the “Win + I” keys together to open the Windows “Settings” screen. In it, enter “Time and language”;
  2. From the menu that is on the left, click on “Region and language”;
  3. Click “Add a language”;
  4. Select the desired option;
  5. Wait for the download to take effect, select it and enter “Options”. Use the “Download language pack” option;
  6. Back in the “Region and language” screen, click on the language you downloaded and use the “Set as default” option;
  7. Restart the computer.

Once you have changed the language, remember that the programs that were already installed will continue the same, that is, their language will remain the same until a manual exchange is made.

If you are already in the latest version of Windows 10, the process is still easier. Just follow the same step-by-step described above up to the fourth step. Then a message will appear asking if the downloaded language should be used as the “Display language”, mark it and the process will be complete.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!


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