How to boot your computer by using pen drive

Need to format the computer or boot the system into a recovery image? Usually a pen drive is recommended in these situations. Whether you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user, see how to boot via USB.


In Windows, there are several ways you can start the system with a pen drive to reinstall Windows or install Ubuntu. All these forms vary from computer to computer, so the answer will never work for everyone.

What you need to do is start the computer in the BIOS, the firmware is responsible for having the computer startup with the correct settings. From the BIOS, you can start the computer in the pen drive and configure the system to prioritize the boot by the pen drive if you prefer.

To do this, the secret is to access your BIOS. The easiest way to see this is to pick up the manual of your motherboard (the most popular are Asus, Intel, Acer, MSI) and see how to access the BIOS. On most devices, you need to press a key while the computer is restarting.

First of all, restart your computer. Then press the key that activates the BIOS, be it F2, F8, F12, Del or Esc – probably one of them. In the BIOS, refer to the manual to change the boot order or browse to boot devices and select your USB drive.


On the Mac, the process is simpler: just restart the computer and hold the Option key to see the computer’s disk drives. Just select the pen drive, usually signaled by USB or an orange disk, and proceed with the installation.

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