Repair Corrupt AVI files

You are trying to play a video/movie but can not because it is corrupted. These tools can help to fix corrupt AVI files. Let’s see best ways to repair corrupt AVI files.

An AVI file is a multimedia file that contains video and audio data in its format. Normally, encoded in codecs such as Xvid and DivX, the AVI file format is one of the common ways of storing multimedia files.

The best software to repair corrupt AVI files

The AVI file format is popularly used to store multimedia information and especially movies. However, a major problem associated with AVI formats is that of corrupt AVI files. This could be caused by different reasons emanating from a corrupt codex to an incomplete copy.

Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is a utility repair tool created with intelligent algorithms that can help repair corrupt AVI files. Despite its relatively small size, Digital Video Repair is an excellent software to repair large corrupt AVI files. This repair tool has a simple user interface in which you simply start the application and click on the repair button to begin the repair process.

A progress report is displayed in the side menu, which details the status of the AVI file during the repair process.

However, this tool may take a few minutes to several hours to repair the damaged AVI file, depending on the size of the AVI file.

Digital Video Repair is free to download and is lightweight. Compatible with previous versions of the Windows operating system.


Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is a repair utility tool that helps users repair damaged AVI files. This software developed by Remo comes with powerful algorithms that facilitate the repair of corrupt AVI files.

In addition, Remo Repair AVI is a shareware with a free trial version. However, the full version costs $69 for the purchase and comes with all-inclusive features. We believe that the software is worth every penny since Remo Repair provides you with a powerful and effective tool to repair corrupt AVI files.


DivFix ++

DivFix ++  is a powerful tool that contains algorithms and codecs that can repair corrupt AVI files. The software is quite old and has not been updated for a while, but it still works well to repair corrupt AVI files. The installation process is easy, as it downloads the copy of the DivFix ++ application, which usually comes as a ZIP file.

After unzipping the file, run the installation execution file, which opens in a blank menu with some options on the screen. Make sure the correct check boxes are checked and follow the appropriate instructions. The repair tool usually follow two main steps to ensure the restoration of the lost AVI codec.

However, as we have highlighted, you might experience some problems when using the tool, such as frequent crashes when trying to repair large AVI files, due to its redundant state. However, DivFix ++ works well when it is used to repair smaller AVI files.


VLC Media Player

The inclusion of the VLC Player in this list seems surprising, since many know the application as a multimedia player. However, VLC is built with powerful algorithms and codecs that can temporarily repair AVI files.

For example, when attempting to play an incorrect AVI file with the VLC player, it is normal for the VLC media player to display an error message.

This would also be accompanied by a message requesting the creation of the index, if authorized, the media player will attempt to repair the AVI file. This method is not necessarily the best solution in this list, but it works when used.

Note: The repair option used by the VLC media player does not correct corrupt AVI files, but builds the index by temporarily fixing the file in the software’s memory. This means that the file can only be played completely in the VLC media player. If you want to watch the AVI file in another media player, an error message will appear.

However, VLC Media Player offers a good option to repair VLC files on your system without downloading any repair tool.


Jhisoft AVI Repair

This is a useful tool for Windows users that repairs corrupt AVI files. Jhisoft AVI Repair is developed with powerful algorithms and intelligent technologies that facilitate the repair process. This tool can repair damaged AVI files both from the internal memory of the system and from external storage devices.

In addition, Jhisoft AVI Repair is small in size and can be installed on older PCs, since it requires minimum system requirements for your computer. The user interface is simple and file repairs can be started with just a few clicks. In addition, AVI files can be previewed before repairing.

However, Jhisoft AVI Repair is a shareware that can be downloaded for free so you can access its basic functions. In order to access its premium features, you need to buy this tool at a single cost of $69.



Bandifix is a tool that is incorporated as part of the popular Bandicam screen recording application. This tool allows you to access corrupt AVI files from your hard drive and try to recover lost or damaged AVI files.

Bandifix is free to use as this makes it practical, as a cheap method to revert damaged files. However, you only need to get the Bandicam suite to access this utility tool. In addition, it has been confirmed that the repair process is simple and fast.

To make matters worse, these software navigation tools have been simplified; therefore, you can select the location of the corrupt AVI files and then start the repair process.

However, Bandifix is ideal for Bandicam users, while its main drawback is its absence as a standalone application.



Unlike other programs that can repair corrupt AVI files, KMPlayer is an exception, as it does not have AVI repair capabilities, but it is known to force the playback of many damaged video files.

The media player includes several internal codec protocols that allow the tool to play various types of file formats, especially AVI without the need for an essential codec

It is always a good option to run AVI files in KMPlayer if your AVI file shows an error message in your other players, such as Windows Media Player or VLC.

In conclusion, KMPlayer is a powerful multimedia player and is useful when trying to play media files that do not play in other players.


In conclusion, you can use any of the tools mentioned above to repair corrupt AVI files on your PC. However, the functionality differs, since some programs allow you to watch and have limited modifications to the file, while other programs allow the complete repair of damaged AVI files.

Do you know any software that we do not mention in our previous list? Feel free to share with us commenting below.

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