Best Apps to Remove Background from Images for Android and iOS

Do you want to change or remove background of a photo, with your Android or iOS? Here are the best apps you can use

Best Apps to Remove Background from Images for Android and iOS

App (Android and iOS) to Remove Background from Images

All the normal photo editing operations to date can be done with the smartphone or tablet both Android and iOS and thanks to the many applications available, we can do heavy editing with a few taps.

To remove or delete the background from a photo or image is not difficult and you do not have to use complex and expensive programs like Photoshop but with free apps or that cost a few dollars you can get super results with a few taps on the display of our mobile device.

If you want to delete the background from a photo taken with your smartphone you do not have to rely on an expert or learn to use complex programs but you just use one of the many applications available for Android and iOS that will allow you to get a professional result.

That’s why we have selected only the best Android and iOS apps to remove the background from your photos.

Here they are.

Best Android and iOS apps to remove the background from photos

The following applications are the ones we have selected as the best in photo editing, photomontage with a particular dedication to the removal of wallpapers. All are excellent, and the main difference lies in the ease of use and the perfection of the result.


PhotoLayers is perhaps the best for both Android and iOS, it is easy to use, remove or replace a background is very easy and in a few taps. We can change the background with a standard or customize it, combining up to 11 images together.

Background Eraser

Background Eraser does just what the name of the app says. It takes care of removing the background of the photo and modify it as you like. The result is excellent, although less precise than the previous app.


PicsArt allows you not only to remove the background, but also to make a complete editing of your creations. We can resize, add text, draw, cut out and much more.


Pixlr allows you to edit photos in the round. It is the best in the field of photo editing and among other functions also allows you to remove the background. It is the best of all in regards to photo editing and the background removal function works very well with well recognized contours and background removed to perfection.

Auto Background Changer

The latest app is Auto Background Changer, which does everything automatically and removes the background in just a few taps on the display. We can apply solid or customized background.

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