10 Best Software to install on your new Mac

Finally got a new Mac to improve the quality of your work and your productivity this year end? Then it’s time to set up your newcomer computer and install new applications on it. Even if you’ve worked on an older version of Mac, this is the best time to test new software and see if any of these Mac applications will enhance your computer experience. Check out 10 examples of apps to test on your new Mac!

1. Giphy Capture

If you are an avid collector or creator of memes,  Giphy Capture may be one of the best Mac applications on this list. It has simple functions but can capture any video or things that are passing through your screen and transform into animated images. A fun alternative, but that can also be of a lot of help for social media professionals. Download Giphy Capture by accessing iTunes.

2. 4K Video Downloader

A tool is an excellent option for anyone who wants to download Youtube videos. The 4K Video Downloader is able to download in any qualities, including 4K as its own name says. Also available for PC and mobile devices. Check out more of the app on their website.

3. Clear

Going to more productivity-oriented and goal-oriented options, Clear is a task list application with a proposal as simple as that of the Todoist. There is not much to say about its functionality: you create your tasks by typing in the list and slides to the side when it completes. You can rearrange the order of tasks in the way you prefer, as well as set deadlines. Click the link to see more of Clear.

4. FantastiCal 2

Another Mac application aimed at improving your productivity and not letting you forget important events and activities. One of the most interesting functions of  FantastiCal 2  is not having to navigate the calendar to mark something, just by writing the date while you’re doing a schedule, for example. The calendar app is one of the best available for Mac and can be downloaded from iTunes.

5. Franz

We have already talked about Franz in this text. Its main function is to prevent you from holding multiple windows or tabs with open messengers on your computer, putting them all in the same window. The software is free and has extensive compatibility, running for common messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger or more focused services like Slack.

It still does not allow voice chat, but it’s a great solution for text messaging. Check out more of it on this site.

6. Amphetamine

An app that brings more features to Mac’s battery than the native Energy Saver. Available in the Mac menu after downloaded, it allows you to change battery settings, and you can keep your computer turned on even if you are away for a while, for example.

It can also be configured to stay connected when certain applications are running, or even schedule a time for it to become active as needed. Click the link to see more of Amphetamine.

7. Byword

One of the Mac applications that can be perfect for those who work with various text editors. Because of the formatting, when transferring text from one editor to another, it may appear wrong and, not only that but rather difficult to adjust. The  Byword is a clean editor, which keeps files in text format, making it easy to transfer between other applications like Pages, Word or Google Docs. Check out more about Byword on their iTunes page.

8. Rocket

A text editor with a more fun proposal than Byword. The  Rocket is the perfect app for those who can not adapt to different Emoji every messenger. It allows you to enter your name and it appears in the editor instead of saving the emoji keystroke sequence and can be copied and pasted into another messaging app. Click the link to download Rocket.

9. Duet Display

How about using your own iPad as an additional monitor for your MacBook? Usually, this would be quite tricky to do, but with the Duet Display, you can easily turn your tablet into a second display. In addition, it is compatible with Apple Pencil and allows you to use the monitor with the touch.

The application is not free, but it was developed by former Apple engineers and really does its job very well, being one of the best evaluated in the productivity category of iTunes. Go through the link to buy it!

10. 1Password

An application available on both computers and the Mac as well as for Android and iPhone mobile devices, 1Password is a good solution for those who need to generate and remember several different passwords. With a master password to access your account in the service, you can check all your passwords, and configure automatic login in their respective services. 1Password also allows you to generate new passwords for other services that you choose to adopt. Click the link to download it.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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