How to share iPhone screen to get remote help to solve problems

As with Macs, sometimes problems can also arise on the iPhone, and depending on your level of knowledge, you may need to call that tech-savvy buddy to help. To avoid having to get around to it – or vice versa – it is possible to share the iPhone screen with it, so you can convey directions of how to proceed. Check out some ways to do this sharing, either using Facetime or the Mac itself!

How to share iPhone screen with FaceTime

The video calling application can be a good ally when it comes to sharing the iPhone screen. However, this method does not give control of your mobile device to the contact that will help you. In addition, you must have a third device available: two to make the connection and the iPhone problematic to be guided by the process.

That is, your contact may be able to provide indications of which menus to navigate in solving the problem. So that you do not have to feel like an octopus when handling both handsets, you can use an iPhone tripod during the call, while following the instructions and moving your smartphone without any confusion.

How to share iPhone screen through Mac

If both users have a Mac, it is also possible to split screens on the iPhone through QuickTime Player, in the version released with Yosemite. Activate a sharing section in the Sharing menu, available in the System Preferences menu.

From there, simply activate the Screen Sharing box. Run a search for the same term on the Mac and enable the same name option. Then, place the other person’s Apple ID, which will receive the invitation and accept with the Control my Screen option checked. Plug your iPhone into the Mac for anyone accessing your Mac to help you troubleshoot your iPhone.

The person helping you troubleshoot should now enable QuickTime Player. Go to  File and activate the New Movie Recording option. With the new window opened by the program, click the arrow next to the recording button and select the iPhone. Then click the button

After starting, the screen should appear like this when troubleshooting:

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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