How to free up space on Mac in simple steps

The larger the storage, the greater our capacity to occupy it. Although the capacity has increased, the space occupied by games and videos also increased considerably, especially considering the resolution as 4K. So it may soon be necessary to free up space on the Mac, especially if you take into account that some applications need to be installed on the machine and can not be transferred to services such as iCloud. So, check out step-by-step below to unload the hard drive space of your MacBook!

Free space on Mac

There is an agile method for diagnosing which types of applications or files are taking up the most disk space. The process starts by activating the Mac finder and choosing the All My Files option , located in the sidebar. If you do not find the option, choose Go menu and All my Files  next.

Click the gear icon in the top bar of the application. Hover over the Arrange By option and select the Size option. In this way, your files will be displayed from the largest to the smallest, allowing you to see right away what occupies the largest space on your HD or SSD.

It is worth mentioning that through this method, it is not possible to know if the file is also hosted on iCloud, since it will show everything that is stored locally on your Mac. To see if the file is also in iCloud, click the View option in the menu Mac and leave the Show Path Bar option on.

When you enable the path bar, they are shown each time you click a file. This way, you can verify that the folder where it is saved has been synced to iCloud, Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service.

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