12 best rating free Android games avalable in the Google Play Store

Let’s look at the free Android games today in which users felt the need to positively evaluate how good the games are. These are not the most popular but rather the ones that have the best average rating in recent weeks.

Who evaluates the applications are Android users. Millions scattered around the world have decided to tell their positive opinion of a game. That is the likelihood of liking it is great.

We have games known as the “Brawl Stars”, however, we also have games less known as the “Smart Puzzles Collection” or even the “Scream Go Hero.”

The latter is interesting because of its irreverence. Instead of on-screen commands, you have to shout at your smartphone to make your hero walk. Cries to jump and higher if the goal is far. This is a guaranteed fun game.

However, if you want something more “constructive”, take a look at the “Infinity Loop” or the “ENERGY”. Two games that will make you think to pass the level.

You have even more adventure games like “Soul Knight” or strategy like the “Last Shelter: Survival” that is worth the installation. All games are free and all of them deserve attention on your smartphone.


Soul Knight

Brawl Stars

Infinity Loop


Smart Puzzles Collection


Tiles Hop: Forever Dancing Ball

Scream Go Hero


Rayman Adventures

Last Shelter: Survival

Alto’s Odyssey

In short, you have here a list of quality. By the way, I dare say that most of the games described here have been mostly on my smartphone.

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