How to download paid and modified apps for free on iPhone without Jailbreak

TutuApp iOS: free app for iPhone, iPod, iPad. Download free iPhone app with TutuApp, but also apps and modified programs and free paid iPhone apps

TutuApp iOS

In today’s article, we will see how to download, install and use the TutuApp program on iPhone, iPod, and iPad. 

Lately, in fact, I receive lots of questions and requests for information from users who want to understand how TutuApp works for iOS, how to download TutuApp on iPhone, iPod and iPad and above all what TutuApp for iOS is for.

Since I can’t respond individually to every request I receive, I decided to publish a great TutuApp guide, an article that will always be updated to answer all your questions about TutuApp iOS. 

At this point, I would say not to waste time and start immediately with our complete guide to TutuApp.

What is TutuApp?

Without making it too complicated or long, you can imagine TutuApp for iOS as an alternative to the Apple App Store, so an online store from which to download applications, games, and programs for Apple devices.

Actually, TutuApp is a real “clone” of the App Store, only it’s MUCH more powerful, complete and interesting.

What can you download from TutuApp?

Unlike the App Store, TutuApp allows you to download:

  • paid apps for free: just like that, on TutuApp you’ll find lots of apps that normally have to be paid for, but you can download them for free
  • games with tricks and active mods: on TutuApp you will find many games with infinite or unlimited lives, infinite or unlimited money and so on. There are really so many games full of already active tricks that will allow you to win easily
  • “MOD” versions of many iOS apps:  you’ll find, for example, Instagram ++, YouTube ++, Snapchat ++, WhatsApp ++ and many more. These are “modified” versions compared to the originals, which will allow you to have many more features than the default ones.

To give you some examples of apps modified for iOS, among the best I suggest you try:

  • WHATSAPP ++: introduces many exclusive features. For example, you can hide the online status and change the colors and the background of the graphics interface, you can set an access code (even with a fingerprint) and much more
  • FACEBOOK ++: allows you to enable Messanger chat inside the app, generate an access code just for you, download videos/photos in your feed and much more
  • INSTAGRAM ++: it’s the modified app I prefer, it’s really spectacular! It allows you to change the layout of the feed, to download the photos and videos in high quality (HD) without having to leave the app and much, but much more
  • SNAPCHAT ++: I do not use it personally, but it is a totally different version from the original. You will have the possibility to download photos and videos without sending any notification to the sender, you will be able to create real internal groups or send your fictitious position. Here too, as for the other apps, the additional features are truly endless
  • TWITTER ++: I do not use this app, which however allows you to customize the graphics of the program and, as for the other “++” versions, offers an avalanche of additional features
  • WHATSPAD ++: allows to use of WhatsApp on iPad
  • YOUTUBE ++: allows you to remove, remove and block advertising from YouTube, to download videos in HD, to watch videos in the background, to download MP3s from YouTube videos and much more

But I’m sure you will find many other noteworthy apps.

Free iPhone App Store

Now, do you understand why TutuApp is so interesting? It allows you to truly download everything on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad for free and without Jailbreak. 

Whether you want a program, a game, a modified app or something else, on TutuApp you will find it and you can download it for free, in just a few clicks and without voiding the warranty on your Apple device. No Jailbreak is required to use TutuApp. 

Free paid iPhone app

As anticipated, with TutuApp you can also download free paid apps on the iPhone. 

You won’t find for free all the apps that are on the App Store, but surely you will be able to download for free the most interesting, widespread, downloaded and searched.

I didn’t specify it, but TutuApp is also an app to download free iPhone games. In addition to games, as mentioned above, you can also get lots of tricks like endless lives, unlimited money or much more.

Is TutuApp free or do you pay?

TutuApp is available in 2 versions:

  • one free, with advertisements and fewer apps than the paid version
  • Paid one, with an annual fee of $13, which shows no advertising, has exclusive games and apps, has games and apps in preview and offers better customer support.

Personally, given the very low cost, I recommend subscribing to a subscription to TutuApp VIP: it is cheap, really offers a lot and above all, it frees you from advertising in the app (which especially in the MOD becomes annoying in the long run).

Is TutuApp safe?

Good question. Some say yes, some say no.

I honestly think it’s always a bit risky to download and install apps on iPhone, iPod, and iPad without going to the App Store.

The advantages offered by TutuApp, however, are really many, so many that in my case I preferred to “risk” in order to use TutuApp on my Apple device.

If you choose to use TutuApp, do it at your own risk, assuming all responsibility for the case.

How to download and install TutuApp?

If I convinced you to try TutuApp on iPhone, iPod and iPad, follow these simple steps to download and install this fantastic alternative App Store, which you can’t do without anymore.

  • Open Safari from your smartphone or tablet and go to THIS PAGE
  • Click on the Install now button that appears at the bottom of the page
  • A pop-up will open and tell you to install TutuApp: confirm by clicking on Download
  • When the download is complete, DO NOT start TutuApp
  • Go to Settings> General> Profile and device management, then authorize the developer (should be “Century Securities Co.Ltd”, but may change when you follow this guide)

Now you can start TutuApp, search for the app you want to download and install for free on iPhone, iPod, and iPad and start the download in just a few simple clicks.

Nothing could be simpler!

I’m sure you’ll have fun searching for programs, apps, and games to download on Tutuapp to push your Apple device to the max!


Well, I would say that we have concluded with this guide on Tutuapp for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and iOS. 

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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