How to play Google minesweeper On Chrome

A game that makes success since the first versions of Windows due to being fun and complicated at the same time is the minesweeper. In it, players must clear the way for the map, taking care that no mine ends up bursting, otherwise, of course, you will have to start a new match without being entitled to a second chance.

In turn, Google is already known to put on their sites or applications some hidden games, the famous easter-eggs, such as the game of the cloud or Space Invaders, for example, and now another game joins this list. Here’s how to play the Google Minesweeper game.


Just like in the last hidden games, to play the Google minesweeper you do not have to install any extra apps on the device where it will be shot.

How to play Google’s minesweeper

As mentioned above, the process for playing Google’s minesweeper on the phone is very simple and does not require anything to be installed. Check out:

  1. Normally open the Chrome app and tap the address or search bar;
  2. Look for “Minesweeper” and touch the first suggestion. Now, click on “Play”;
  3. Select the difficulty level and touch any part of the field to start the game.

The above process was performed on mobile phone with Android, but as described, this Google minesweeper can be accessed by any device that has Chrome installed. Now, you already know the main rules to be successful in the minesweeper game and how to play it anywhere without having to install it.

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