10 Best Apps to Download HD Wallpapers for iPhone

Before we get started, we need to agree on something: using only iPhone wallpapers that came with iOS 12 is not very funny, right?

The most interesting part of having a smartphone is having your own iPhone apps and customize your experience, so why not also customize your mobile wallpaper.

But how to find wallpapers for iPhone without having to be transferring files from a computer to the cell phone or without finding sites with viruses? Through apps on the App Store itself!

There are a number of apps with own collection of wallpapers for iPhone. You can use them to customize your smartphone, be it the new iPhone XS, iPhone X or iPhone 7, among other models. See below!

1. Live Wallpapers Forever

With one of the best collections of wallpapers for iPhone, Live Wallpapers Forever reaches all types of users of the mobile. It brings minimalist models or lush landscapes, depending only on your taste.

But his best is not that. With well-organized categories, you do not have much trouble finding wallpapers that are to your liking. The app itself analyzes your choices and offers a variety of templates cured especially for you.

Click the link to see Live Wallpapers Forever.

2. Vellum Wallpapers for iPhone

Other of the App Store’s biggest apps on wallpapers and customization. Vellum Wallpapers demonstrates its collection in an impressive way, without saving on the visual.

An interesting feature of it is the Daily Wallpaper. Every day, you get a wallpaper recommendation, according to the wallpapers you saw and downloaded in the app. Learn more through their page on the App Store.

3. Everpix

If you’re looking for lush, 4K wallpapers, Everpix may be the right choice for you. The app has options for all tastes, whether you’re a fan of cute animals or an aspiring chef who does not quit your cooking apps.

New items arrive in your collection daily and Everpix also has a previous model, which shows how the wallpaper will stay on the home page and also on the lock screen. Access the link to download Everpix.

4. Black Lite

Ideal for those with the current issues of the iPhone, like Max XS, XR iPhone or iPhone X. Black Lite brings an interesting collection of black background iPhone wallpapers.

Using this type of wallpaper is a good tip for anyone looking for battery tips to last longer. Just like the other apps on this list, Black Lite has a free collection and another paid in the premium version.

Their advantage over others is in price, less than the acquisition of the previous examples. Click the link to see the Black Lite.

5. Wallpapers for iPhone – WLPPR

WLPPR is an app for blocking screens, more than the home page of your phone. It allows you to save wallpapers that you have liked but have not used yet, brings information about the wallpaper if it has been created from a location and has options in different sizes, serving the screen of an iPhone.

If you like landscapes or geographic wonders of the planet, the WLPPR collection will surely please you. See more about the app by visiting their page.

6. Papers.co

One of the simplest apps on the list. Papers.co has a home page with the newly added iPhone wallpapers and, as you slide the screen, you will find the oldest ones.

But if you are looking for a more specific wallpaper, it has a side menu that brings several categories. This menu brings options that suit all tastes, including an option to search. Click the link to get to know Papers.co.

7. WOW Pixel

If you like retro things like apps to take vintage photos or classic games, you can also have wallpapers for iPhone following the theme. This is the proposal of WOW Pixel.

The app library brings several wallpapers with themes to 8-bit video games like the Master System. Each wallpaper brings a different character, with its own story and narrative told through the description that accompanies it.

Remember that these are animated wallpapers, that is, they move while the phone is on the home screen. Because of this, the team behind WOW Pixel has focused on bringing wallpapers that express the most varied emotions, which you can change according to your mood.Learn more about WOW Pixel by visiting their App Store page!

8. Icons Skins & Theme

The Icons Skins & Theme is not made for anyone who wants simple wallpapers. All in high definition, the iPhone wallpapers of the application, it has a category dedicated to current cell phones such as the iPhone X and the new XS and XR models.

In addition, it is one of the only ones that allow you to edit these wallpapers, leaving them more personalized. The app’s collection is constantly updated with new wallpapers options for you. Click the link and learn more about Icons Skins & Theme.

9. Wallpapers for iPhone – Walli

Working as a sort of “social network”, Walli’s collection consists of artists who put their creations there. They make these wallpapers available and get a commission for it.

However, by downloading the app you have a free wallpapers package. From there, you can purchase any particular package or wallpaper. If you are an artist and do this type of work, you can create a profile to demonstrate what you are making available at Walli. Learn more about the app by visiting the link.

10. intoLive

Finishing the list of wallpapers for iPhone we have intoLive. This app also allows you to create your own animated wallpapers and display them there. To do this, you can use your own videos or created GIFs.

However, he does not make these wallpapers available for sale, as Walli does. It’s a great alternative to creating custom papers in a few moments. Click on the link and get intoLive.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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