Best Bluetooth Speakers 2020 in India : What to consider before buying

Bluetooth speakers have now become an indispensable object for everyone. The market, however, offers many models and orienting yourself towards the most suitable choice for your needs could prove to be quite a feat.

This is why, before jumping headlong into the purchase of any model, it is good to understand exactly some fundamental aspects that these devices must have.

In this way you will be able to orient yourself towards a specific model rather than another, which is perhaps not for you.

What they are and what they are for

bluetooth speaker what it is for

Before going into the technical details that characterize the various bluetooth speakers, let’s try to understand what they are and what they are for, to give more information to those who do not yet know this instrument.

Bluetooth speakers are speakers that work wirelessly , and use the wireless connection to connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers to easily listen to music, videos, podcasts and much more.

Simply connect the speakers to your portable device via the bluetooth function and select the content to play.

This new technology certainly has significant advantages, in the first analysis the absence of wires , which have become rather annoying and cumbersome, and above all the most pleasant feature is that they can be transported anywhere, also having small dimensions.

There is also the possibility of using jack cables for the connection, for those who still prefer the old ways. But why give up on comfort?

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

how to choose a bluetooth speaker

Given the advantage of using bluetooth speakers, many leading companies in the sector have entered the market offering numerous models with different characteristics based on the price range. Orientation therefore becomes complex.

They range from the most popular brands to the cheapest ones, with prices ranging from 30 euros up, up to spending even more than 500 euros for more complex speakers and with many more features.

But it is not necessary to reach these figures if you already have ideas on what features your speakers should have.

Dimensions, shape and weight

First of all it is good to understand how you want to use your speakers, if you want to keep them at home and create a fixed system, or you need to transport them .

In this case size matters, and also a lot. Weight also has a big impact when it comes to portability, obviously the lighter it is, the better.

If we talk about shape, we certainly cannot ignore the design aspect, certainly not the main aspect to be taken into account, but which in any case proves to be an indispensable element in anything.

Resistance to water and dust

Obviously if you have oriented yourself on transportable bluetooth speakers it is because you need to take them and use them everywhere, whether it is the home garden, the swimming pool or other outdoor places where the devices will be at the mercy of atmospheric agents , dust and more .

It is therefore important in this case to choose waterproof models that have a very high resistance class.

This is usually indicated with an IP reference class, an internationally recognized certification to classify the degree of protection of electronic devices against atmospheric agents and dust.

Traditional controls or smart functions

In addition to normal speakers with manual controls, you can choose new devices with smart functionality.

These speakers are equipped with a voice assistant, which therefore allows you to use them even without the use of smartphones or tablets, also performing functions other than classic listening to music if necessary. Obviously they can also work to request information on the weather, manage appointments and in some more complex cases, manage a real home automation system.

Technical features

technical features bluetooth speaker

Then there are a whole series of technical characteristics to keep in mind, which affect the quality of the speakers: drums, sound quality, power, inputs and so on.

Battery and autonomy

The battery must have an autonomy of at least 8-9 hours, especially if you use the speakers outside the home and you don’t need to use power sources to recharge them.

Attention must be paid, however, to the actual autonomy, because it often does not coincide with that declared by the manufacturers, which more often than not is lower because it is calculated on a medium-low use of the appliance.

Sound quality

Obviously sound quality is the main factor to keep in mind when buying speakers.

Usually the audio quality is given by the number of drivers present, by the transmission route and by the frequency they cover. So from the possibility of correctly balancing the high, medium and low frequencies.

The higher the frequency range, the better the sound reproduced and perceived by the human ear.

About the latter, know that it is able to perceive sounds with a range ranging from 20 to 20.000Hz, this will be useful for choosing the best product.

Speaker power

The power of the speakers is expressed in watts, and indicates how loud the sound is reproduced.

However, this does not indicate that the louder the speaker, the better the sound quality. But only if the music will be played at high or low volume.

This determines its use in particular situations such as parties, outdoor parties, or indoors.

The ideal power for a speaker is around 12-15 watts, values ​​which are however difficult to reach from bluetooth speakers, except in some models specially designed for particular situations.


Most bluetooth speakers are equipped with jack inputs to connect the speakers to old devices without bluetooth connectivity, such as old iPods, and slots to insert SD cards or USB inputs to connect other devices from which to play music.

FAQ and frequently asked questions

How do you choose a bluetooth speaker?

Choosing the best bluetooth speaker to buy is important, we have written a study that will help you understand which model to buy based on the characteristics such as: size, shape and weight, water and dust resistance, traditional or smart new generation features and much more.

Is the brand important?

Choosing a bluetooth speaker through the brand can be too risky in some cases. We recommend reading the purchase guide to understand and understand the important technical characteristics that the ideal device should have, in fact it is possible to buy an excellent bluetooth speaker, at an advantageous price, of a relatively less known brand.

How much budget to allocate to the product

The budget and therefore the actual cost of the product is a very important factor. In our purchase guide we have discussed extensively all the features on the economic, medium quality and top of the range models.

Conclusions and final considerations

In this guide we have described every single point to be taken into consideration to choose a bluetooth speaker according to various needs.

If you need further information you can contact us, or you can click on the various offers on this page to access the product page and ask for info directly to the manufacturer.

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