How to enable the Chrome function to improve its stability in Android

Google constantly invests in the news for your Chrome browser on all available platforms so that it can meet the needs of its users. On some older devices, unfortunately, the performance of the browser to load the pages does not always turn out to be effective, giving a feeling that it can hang at any moment.

To change this scenario, Google has implemented a feature that loads pages to measures you navigate through them, meaning Chrome will not attempt to load the entire site at once, leaving the process lighter to run. Here’s how to enable this feature to make Chrome more stable on your phone.

How to enable the feature

Unlike some options that already appear directly in the browser menus, this function to be used needs to be activated through two parameters in the browser. Check out:

  1. Open Google Play and make sure Chrome is up to its latest version;
  2. Now, open Chrome normally and enter the address: chrome: \\ flags;
  3. In the search field, look for “Lazy” and, in “Enable Lazy image loading”, change its value to “Enabled”. Then touch “Relaunch now”;
  4. Repeat the same process from the last step for the “Enable lazy frame loading” item.

After restarting your browser, it should already have more stable performance, having a reduction in memory consumption. The process, in itself, will not present changes to be noticed in the interface, being something only related to the performance of the program. If the configuration of the material does not have the expected effect, it can be reversed following the same steps as the tutorial and changing the values changed to “Default” or “Disabled”. Also, keep in mind that from Chrome 75, this setting will be enabled by default in the browser.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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