6 new features you will see in Android Q

Google’s latest operating system Android Q can be rolled out this year. In this new operating system, 6 new features may be different from Android Pie, which is rolled out last year. Last year, Google focused on machine learning and artificial learning at the launch of its operating system Android Pie. Artificial Intelligence can also be focused in this new operating system. Android Q or Android 10 can be rolled out to Google Developer Conference Google IO 2019 this year. However, there is currently no official information available about this operating system, but according to media reports, 6 new unique features can be given in this new operating system.

Foldable phone support

As you know, this year smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi are focusing on new technology-equipped floatable smartphones. This new operating system can be presented with foldable smartphone support. This feature was praised by Google’s David Brooke as well as Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone.

Dark mode

So far you have seen Dark Mode support in the app. Many social media apps come with this dark mode feature. This operating system can be presented with system-wide dark mode feature. However, Google has not made an official announcement about it but has given it a hint about it. Google has provided Dark Mode support in many of its apps. This suggests that the next operating system can come with this feature.

Better PiP (Picture In Picture) Mode

Google rolled out Picture in Picture mode for many of its apps last year. This feature is also available in many premium smartphones. The picture in Picture mode can be made even better in Google’s latest operating system. Through this feature, users can do two tasks simultaneously on the same screen. You can also do other things on the same screen while streaming video or with some other work.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition feature is provided in all the smartphones launched today. In this operating system, this feature can be provided with native support. This means that the Face Recognition feature can be used even better. Plus, this feature will work on many smartphones.


Apps installed in smartphones through this feature will give users more permissions. Permission will be granted to any app for full-scale access.

App downgrade feature

This new operating system may get the option of downgrading the app. Through this feature, you can downgrade your listening to the old version. This feature is not yet available in any operating system rolled out.

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