5 Best health Gadgets to makes your life easy

Today there are many gadgets available for health and fitness that you can fit yourself with. Today we are going to tell you about 5 gadgets with the help of which you can fit yourself.

SteriPen Water Purifier

You can use this portable water purifier during your trip. According to the company’s claim, this purifier can clean the water within 1 minute. There is a UV (ultraviolet) light which cleans the existing bacteria in the water. Apart from this, it runs on the purifiers battery. It contains an AA size 1.5-volt battery. A battery can clean 150 liters of water.

Wearable Thermometer

This wearable thermometer can be used to measure fever. You can wear this thermometer to the patient. The advantage of this will be that you will not have to worry about the patient to check the temperature again and again. You can make it a major of the worn patient. It has a 240mAh Replacement Button Battery.

Breathalyzer Keychain

You can use this key-chain to test alcohol. This key-chain contains an LCD panel that shows the amount of alcohol in your body. With this, an additional mouthpiece is given, with the help of which you can check alcohol in the body of more than one person.

Mobile ECG

As the name suggests, this device can be used to electrocardiogram (ECG). Many times it happens that the patient has to go to the hospital to do ECG. With the help of this portable device you can do ECG of the patient sitting at home. Within 30 seconds it sends data to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bite away stick

With the help of this portable device, you can avoid mosquito or itching caused by some insect bites. This device is used to reduce the itching. This device looks like a pen which you can carry with you easily.

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